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We fly from Currock Hill just outside Newcastle and have one of the most modern fleets for a gliding club of our size anywhere in the UK. We have three SZD Puchacz two-seater composite training gliders for instructional and early solo gliding and a Grob Astir CS77 composite single seat glider for solo flights and cross-countries. We are well placed to benefit from soaring in the wave which often sets up over the Pennines on a south westerly wind; and our pilots also enjoy thermal soaring in the summer months.

Wave Flying Over High Force in the Grob 14 Apr 15

Even motor gliders can sore successfully in wave. Two hours thirty flying time, point 8 of an hour on the engine, over eight thousand feet climb!

Club Expedition to Eden Soaring June 20th - 27th 2015

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NGC's Latest Tug Pilot


Well done, Tim!

Astir Air to Air

Air to Air photos of Tim in the Astir

Promotional Video


An early start on Sunday morning delivered several achievements for our members. With the perfect wind profile forecast, I had a feeling there would be wave around until lunch, by which time it would probably turn thermic. Sure enough, with the first launch releasing at 1600ft straight into 5kts, there was wave running east-west just off the end of the strip. Each glider topped out above FL100 with some reaching FL130.

Well done everyone!

Tim Neville - gold height

Malcolm Smith - gold height, two hour flight for XC endorsement and first contact with Newcastle ATC as P1

Keith McIntyre - silver height (plus plenty) and two hour soaring flight for XC endorsement

Dave Scott - re solo on aerotow again

Quite a week...


Well, this last week has been one of the best I can remember at NGC. It started on Sunday with the good news that John Hire had successfully completed his Assistant Category Instructor course. Well done John. Moving on from that, we flew everyday from Tuesday to Sunday and couldn't have wished for better conditions. Tuesday - Thursday gave us great thermal conditions with cloud bases reaching 6100' amsl. Friday and Saturday delivered a mix of thermal and wave - I stopped climbing at 12500' because I got cold in shorts and t-shirt!

Some achievements from this week:

- Tim Neville is now Bronze & XC Endorsed
- Matty Moor got his one hour soaring flight for the XC Endorsement in blue wave
- Keith McIntyre is converted on to the Astir
- Jamie thermalled away from a winch launch

The Air League flying scholarship Taster Day Tuesday 29th April


On Tuesday we flew 20 students from the excelsior academy in Newcastle. The day was a great success and I am sure enjoyed by all the students who flew. 3 lucky students will be chosen for a flying scholarship sponsored by British Airways and will receive 2 weeks gliding at NGC in July this year. Thanks to all those members who helped out on the day. Andy Perkins, who is Vice Chairman of the BGA and also organises these scholarships for the Air League was present on the day,and has said that he was really impressed with the professional approach by NGC in the running of this day. He was quite impressed with our small club and this puts us in good standing for holding future events of this kind. Well done to everyone involved.

Development Course Update

Thank you and well done to everyone who attended this week's development course.

Hopefully you all enjoyed it and gained something from it! Over the course of the week we managed 81 launches and 26 hours flying.

Some of this week's achievements:

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